From Cars, Trucks, and SUV's, to Motorcyles, Boats, and ATV's...
Slingers Transport will recover your assets.



If you are in need of reliable and local vehicle and equipment recovery in Central Indiana,
you have come to the right place.

At Slingers Transport , not only are our offices and trucks based in Central Indiana, our team are long-time
residents here, too. 

We are familiar not only with the neighborhoods, roads and landmarks, but also with
the community in which we work. This local experience translates into efficient and speedy location of
debtors and, most importantly, of your assets.

Slingers Transport operates quality recovery vehicles with highly-skilled drivers. Our goal is to find your assets
and return them to the location of your choice with no damage incurred in the recovery process. 

We offer a wide-range of related services, including skiptracing, assistance in deficiency recovery and collection. 

Please browse our site and contact us with any questions. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


Voluntary Repossessions: Prior arrangements made with debtor or third party by lenderconcerning pickup of collateral and removal of personal property. *Note: If an account is assigned for repossession and a debtor voluntarily releases a vehicle due to the collection efforts of an agent, it remains as such. However, if the debtor refuses to cooperate with the prior agreement, the transaction becomes an involuntary repossession with increased charges.

Repossessions:  Involuntary removal of collateral from debtor or third party.  Collateral at given address with no further information required.  Personal Property will be removed and inventoried.

Recoverable Vehicles and Equipment: We recover all consumer automobiles as well as commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, RV's, boats, personal watercraft, ATV's, and off-road recreational vehicles such as golf-carts and Gators.

Indirect Repossession Activities:

Field Service:  At direction of Lender, contact is made with debtor prior to or for matters other than immediate repossession.  In the event of repossession, charges will be assessed for field service and voluntary/involuntary repossession.

Asset Removal:  Removal of collateral for lienholder for non-repossession purposes.  Collateral transportation for
lienholder (e.g., towing, transport).

Skip Tracing:  Locating debtor and/or collateral prior to receiving an order for repossession. If information in repossession order is insufficient to locate debtor and the collateral, lender will be notified and afforded the opportunity to provide additional information before charges for skip tracing accrue. Slingers Transport has skilled in-house staff to perform skip tracinig and collateral location. We strive to always get our man.

Transport Service:  Vehicle(s) transported to auction of preference.

Locksmith: Slingers Transport has excellent locksmiths and dealers for obtaining replacement keys and gaining collateral access.

Condition Reports and Photographs : Whether incidental to repossession or otherwise at the direction of lender; photographs and reports will be forwarded to lender along with any further requested data or information.

Secured Storage: Slingers transport has its own secured, off-site and in-door vehicle and equipment facility for both recovered vehicle and other transitional needs which lenders or third-parties might have.


Deficiency Collection Services:

 All of our skills at locating debtors and collateral are put to use in collecting on the deficiency owed to the lender after repossession has occurred. Our charges are reasonable and our recovery rates strong.

Policies and Procedures for Secured Parties and Debtors


Required Items and Information for Recovery:

Prior to each recovery, Slingers Transport requires the following information and items prior to initiating a route:

1) Copy of Vehicle Title (or if not titled, Bill of Sale).
 2) Completed Repossession Order Form and Hold-Harmless agreement.
3) Copy of Retail Installment or Sales Contract.
4) Detailed instructions as to disposition of vehicle after recovery.

Required Items and Information for Release of Personal Property:

If Slingers Transport has recovered your vehicle on behalf of your lender and you have personal property in the vehicle which you wish to have returned to you, you must contact us immediately.

If Slingers Transport has not already turned over the vehicle to the secured party AND if you provide the following items AND if you pay the scheduled fees, your personal property will be returned to you.

Please be advised that items which have been permenantly installed into the vehicle by you CANNOT be removed!

 By way of example, but not limitation, these items include: bluetooth and cell phone kits, radios, tuners, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, dials, gauges, antennea, diagnostic computers, fenders, scoops, air foils, rims, tires, etc. Please DO NOT ASK to have these items returned, as no exceptions will be made.

Required Items for Release   
1) Driver's License or other Picture ID.  3) Executed Waiver & Release
2) All keys, Fobs, wireless transmitters to the vehicle. 4) Cash, Certified Funds of Bank Check for Fees (see schedule below).

Required Fees For Release 
Daily Storage Fees (Personal Property)  $15
Property Inventory and Handling Fee (Max 10 lbs of Property)  $25
Oversized Items Handling Fee  $10 per item 
For mailing personal property  $10 plus postal charges 
Vehicle Storage  $30 for each day or partial day  

Redemption of Vehicle by Debtor/Owner

If Slingers Transport has repossessed your vehicle based on order from your lender, and you and your lender reach an agreement to allow you to take possession back of the vehicle and Slingers Transport still has your vehicle, you will be allowed to pick it up upon presentation of the following items:

1) Driver's License or other Picture ID.  3) Executed Waiver & Release
2) Release FROM THE SECURED PARTY (this must be sent directy from the lender to us).
4) Cash, Certified Funds, or Bank Check for Fees 




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